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Blocks are either Natural resources or Manufactured Blocks.

Blocks can have a number of properties

  • Sliding blocks are not stable and will slide of other blocks. Slideable blocks can not 'glue' to other blocks (example: Sand, Rubble and more)
  • Burnable blocks can burn and have a 'burnvalue' (some blocks burns longer than others. example: oil burns a longer than leaves)
  • Some blocks can contain water (usually non-solid blocks. example: truss, leaves and many more)
  • Solid Blocks have to be drilled
  • Liquid blocks must be pumped (example: water, oil and more). Some liquid blocks can float in water (example: oil)
  • Steam will evaporate if not contained in a confined area
  • Moist. Certain blocks can have 4 levels of moistness, from dry to very moist. (example: soil, sand etc.)
  • Light blocks can emit light. Light emitting blocks are usually Manufactored blocks, but also Fluorite stone can emit some light.