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The contents list show options in the Cloud Server Menu in Map Mode.

Notice! The Cloud Server Menu is slightly different in Model Mode

Allow other users to connect

Enable this to allow other users to connect to the running Cloud server map

Keep server and map open

The Cloud server map will be kept open and running, even if the cloud owner has disconnected

Set Password

Choose a password that is needed for others to enter the Cloud server map

Set Servername

This sets the name for the Cloud server which contains the maps. The servername will be dispalyed along with the map name on the cloud server list in the Map Servers UI

Create Map

Click this to create a map and enter the name of the new map. It's possible to change name for a map later by using the Rename Map option

Clone Map

Make a copy of an existing map. It will automatically be named "Copy of [map name]" Use the Rename Map option to change the name later

Rename Map

Use this option to change the name of a map

Use Map as Survival

After creating a map, use this option to play in Survival mode

Use Map as Big World

After creating a mao, use this option to play in Big World mode

Use Map as Game Play

After creating a map, use this option to play in Game Play mode

Use Map as Designer Mode

After creating a map, use this option to play in Designer Mode

Upload Map

Choose this optioin to upload a map from a LAN server to the Cloud server


This is a list of the maps that are created and added to the cloud or LAN server


This shows a list of models saved to the models list. The selected map will open in the Model Editor


Use this to disconnect from the cloud and go back to the [[Map Servers] UI