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Constructions are connected blocks, that either can be built in the factory or comes with your starter kit. They can be dragged from the inventory to the hot bar in the left side of the screen. They can be dragged into the world and be placed. When the grid of the construction is "red" they can't be placed (often because of obstacles in the way. Where they are "white" they can be instant build

The display of the Constructions in the factory is sorted into the following groups.

The following Constructions is only found in ALL

  • Architect Table "in interior"
  • Construction Platform disabled atm
  • Container 1 no function yet
  • Container 2 no function yet
  • Control Rod Rods in electric - used for power production?
  • Fan belongs in electric
  • Locker Red belongs in interior
  • Locker White belongs in interior
  • Locker Yellow belongs in interior
  • Server function ?
  • Sidewalk
  • Uranium Rod Rods in electric - used for power production?