Electrical Blocks

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Electrical is panel in Manufactured Blocks

Groups of blocks that share name and often also recipes Electrical part of Manufactured Blocks

Others: a lot of the Functional Blocks is found here as they are often using electricity or involved in the electricity network. Like Main Switch, Power Isolator, Pump, Tesla Core, Force Field Generator, Conveyor Belt. A few functional blocks is also place here like Timer, Volcano Generator, Detonator. Also a few blocks like Dynamo and Computer that are part of constructions , but so far else doesn't provide a function.

List of all Electrical Blocks

Battery 33
Battery 66
Battery 100
Conveyor Belt
Design Set 1 Light 3
Design Set 1 Light 4
Force Field Generator
Led Panel 1A 50W (white)
Led Panel 1B 25W
Led Panel 1C 20W
Led Panel 1D 10W
Led Panel 2A 50W also white
Led Panel 2B 25W
Led Panel 2C 20W
Led Panel 2D 10W
Led Panel 3A 50W blue
Led Panel 3B 25W
Led Panel 3C 20W
Led Panel 3D 10W
Led Panel 4A 50W turquise
Led Panel 4B 25W
Led Panel 4C 20W
Led Panel 4D 10W
Led Panel 5A 50W red
Led Panel 5B 25W
Led Panel 5C 20W
Led Panel 5D 10W
Led Panel 6A 50W orange
Led Panel 6B 25W
Led Panel 6C 20W
Led Panel 6D 10W
Led Panel 7A 50W yellow
Led Panel 7B 25W
Led Panel 7C 20W
Led Panel 7D 10W
Led Panel 8A 50W green
Led Panel 8B 25W
Led Panel 8C 20W
Led Panel 8D 10W
Main Switch
Metal Pole Light 1
Metal Spotlight Down
Metal Spotlight Up
Power Isolator
Power Transformer Core
Pump (Up)
Rotor Light 1 90W
Rotor Light 2 90W
Rotor Light 3 90W
Solar Panel
Solar Panel /
Steel Block 1B
Super Spotlight Down
Tactical Nuke
Tesla Core 20kw
Tesla Core Large 50kw
Turnout Switch
Volcano Generator