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The Factory is where you create blocks and constructions to play with. You use the factory by getting close to it and focus it and then click left mouse button. This opens the factory interface, which has 4 different entries on top. It looks just like the Inventory interface:

The difference between the factory and the Inventory, is that you can choose to produce a number of materials, manufactured blocks or constructions. In top top you can chose the "show only available items" click box, and then only see what you have, and can make. The two categories "natural resources" and "materials" shows all stuff you have while "manufactured blocks" and "constructions" adds more categories to select what you want to view from.

The available category shows what is already in your inventory, while the other categories show any items, that you can produce in the factory. To produce this item, you double-click on it, and see if you have the necessary resources (natural or other), and if you have, you can choose the number you want to produce and click on "Go". The items will now appear in "available" and you will have lost the resources that you have used.

In the factory Natural resources breaks down into materials. Materials is sometimes also used to create other materials. Manufactured blocks is always made from Materials. Constructions is made from Manufactured blocks.

The factory interface has arrow buttons in the top left corner, that you can click to toggle between views.

You can build another factory at a factory, the cost of a new factory are:

Natural ressources Materials Manufactured Blocks
76 Sand
5 Limestone
24 Copper Ore
98 Iron Ore
48 Silver
8 Gold
4 Bauxite
18 Oil
5 White Flowers
5 White Powder
16 Plastic
98 Steel Bar
10 Basic Electronics
2 Print Board
2 Solder
2 Advanced Electronics
2 Carborumdum
5 Glass
2 Copper Wire

Sub Components

98 Iron Bar
2 Gold Bar
12 Silver Bar
16 Copper Bar
2 Aluminum Bar
2 Lead Bar
38 Silicon
100 Carbon
5 Chalk
18 Plastic
1 Timer
2 Computer [-50W]
5 Plastic Plate White
2 LED Panel [-25W]
86 Steel Plate
9 Conveyer Belt [-10W]

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