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A glance at what you will see on your screen, while playing Build A World.

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Normal screen views

In the normal screen view you will have:

  • A quick menu in the left side of your screen (use Q to hide or show). You can insert blocks from your inventory into the slots 1-0 and toggle between them by pressing their number or click on them. The active block will show on the top of the quick menu.
  • A focus cross in the center of the screen. When you use your controls to move or change direction of your view the cross will determine which block you are pointing to. If you are close enough to interact with the block, the side of the block will be highlighted. This is where another block will be "glued", if you add it. The highlighted block is also the one that, if possible, will be activated when you press G. The focus cross also shows where your tools, weapons etc. are pointing.
  • In the upper right corner is the in-game time and date plus a local wind meter.
  • To the right is a sound controller where you can choose music and sound levels for music and sound effects.
  • In the lower right corner is a health bar and a sound bar (general sound level).

Other screen views

Main menu

You press Esc to get the main menu. Here you can set up a password for your world, make it open for others to join, etc.

Help menu

You press F1 to get the help menu. The help menu shows you the main keyboard and mouse controls for the game.

Inventory and Factory screen vindows

The inventory (press E) and Factory screen windows are almost identical. You get the factory window by getting the factory in your focus and pressing G on your keyboard. Both interfaces have four different entries on top:

In the inventory you can select blocks or constructions by clicking on them once. You can drag blocks to your quick menu and you can drag and drop constructions.

In the factory window you can choose to produce a number of materials, manufactured blocks or constructions. You can choose between "available" or "all" in natural ressources and materials while manufactured blocks and constructions adds the categories "indoor" and "electrical".

The available category shows what is already in your inventory, while the other categories show any items, that you can produce in the factory. To produce this item, you double-click on it, and see if you have the necessary ressources (natural or other), and if you have, you can choose the number you want to produce and click on "Go". The items will now appear in "available" and you will have lost the ressources that you have used.

Both interfaces has arrow buttons in the top left corner, that you can click to toggle between views.