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Iron 128.png
State Solid
Type Natural resource
Activatable No
Gravity Yes
Flammable No
Moist No
Recyclable No
Light emitter No
Sticky Yes
Pickable Yes
Stackable Yes

Iron is a natural resource that can be found underground. It is used to produce iron bars.

Finding Iron

Iron is often found in stone small veins of roughly 10-30 pieces - an easy way to find a small iron vein is to find a cliff face and search the rocky areas - you will often find one or two outcrops which can lead to veins.

It's also possible (but less likely) that you will find a mountain with a very large deposit of iron making up its center - yields of 10,000 iron are not unheard of.

Used for

One block of copper turns into one block of copper bars.

In-game history

Added in the game-date.