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Name and create a Map in the Cloud Server Menu - Map UI to have a world to play in. The Map is saved and loaded on your own server. The Map is the world you play in.

Other players can access the map if you allow them and the map can be given a password to secure that only the players that the owner wants to play with gets access. Users can be given rights on maps

A map can be taken into the different game modes, and be accessed and used with the different possibilities that gives. A map can never be taken back to survival mode, as that would allow for cheating the achievements that is linked to the survival game mode

But a map can be taken back and forth between Big World, Designer Mode, and Scenarios as wanted as part of the experience.

Maps can be copied, shared and renamed.

The Map consist of Zones and regions that makes up the world.

The full world height is 384 blocks, 192 meters. The New World Height was added in juli 2014