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Modeling is an advanced function in the game accessed by pressing M. Read the description carefully ingame to learn how to use it.

The Modeling window consist of

  • Modeling Function List,
  • The Modeling Settings List, (to allow optimal placement of blocks set parameters to choose the interaction with air and water as example)
  • My Models List,
  • Shared Models List, (use to share models with other players on the same server)
  • Public Favorite List, ( in the making)

Modeling Function in Big World and Survival

Modeling is the ability to mark and save areas and buildings in the game. This gives the possibility to use models on other maps,

To make a model, mark a cubic area using the mouse buttons left and right in two diagonal opposite corners.

Save a model to store it and now having access to the model from the list called my models

Remember to name it and create a preview of it, to help later use of the model. Use Modeling Settings to do that.

Modeling Function in Designer Mode

Modeling includes a lot of other options than just save an area. Always start by marking an area, The marked area can be copied, pasted, deleted, removed, filled, replaced undone/redone and Saved as a Model.

Copy and paste allows to multiply sections build without actual saving and store a model.

Cut and paste moves a part of the world to another place.

Delete removes a part of the world

Fill allows to fill up and area according to the fill mode selected. The modes are Fill All, Fill Air, Fill Water and Fill Regular selected in Modeling Settings.

Replace allows to change a block type in a marked area with another.

Undo/redo allows to change back the latest operation (and only that) in a short time window. Is only available with Gravity turned off.

Model Editor

The Model Editor is available from the Cloud Server menus. Choose Cloud Server Menu - Model to enter the Model Editor