Nuclear Power Plant

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Big cities spawn with a working nuclear power plant creating electricity for the Power grid that covers the whole city.

It consist of 2 Uranium Reactors with each 41 Uranium Rods and 6 Control Rods. A Pipe system with Pumps moving Water from a water supply reservoir into the two reactors, where it is changed to steam that powers 2 Steam Turbine Large each with an output of 3 MW (million watt) . The steam is lead out to the two cooling towers through Pipes. The nuclear power plant uses starting power from a Wind Turbine and a Power Transformer for the pumps to send in water to the reactors.

See "visiting a nuclear powerplant" video here

Building a small scale Nuclear Power plant is doable in Survival Mode with some work. See how to build a small nuclear reactor here

Planned feature: Beware of decay of Uranium rods and the possibility for the power plant to break down and create a lot of high toxic radioactive waste, If damaged or losing water supply without control rods in place.