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Drywall-black 128.png
State Solid
Type Natural resource
Activatable No
Gravity Yes
Flammable No
Moist No
Transparancy No
Recyclable No
Light emitter No
Sticky No
Pumpable Yes
Sliding yes
Pickable Yes
Stackable No
Power production yes

Oil is a natural resource. It is mostly found deep down underground. It can create a lot of trouble if not dealed with carefully when encountered. If ignited a deposit will burn for really long time. And it will flow out and fill tunnels, or pollute the surface of lakes and oceans.

Used for

Oil is used for a lot of different products. And it is a strong source for Power generating.

Oil is used for Sulphur, Plastic, Drying Oil, Glycerol and Gasoline

In-game history

Added in the game-date.