Power Transformer

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the Power Transformer is a construction that provides electricity to an area of 320x320 blocks. In that area electricity using objects is automatic provided with power, and therefore the end power using blocks dont have to be wired into the grid individually by a powercup. The Area covered can be seen by holing right ctrl down. A transformer is part of the Starter kit

Cost of Power Transformer:

Natural ressources Materials Manufactured Blocks
6 Copper Ore
36 Iron Ore
30 Coal
30 Steel
6 Copper Wire
6 Iron Core

Sub Components

36 Iron Bar
6 Copper Bar
30 Carbon
30 Stel Plates
6 Power Transformer Core
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Power Transformer


In order to come online and distribute electricity in its vicinity, the transformer needs to be connected to a not overloaded power grid using a Power Cup attached to one of the transformer's sides.

Any contact with water will result in electric arcs, a brief fire and an explosion completely destroying the transformer.