Spawn Point

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A Spawn point is a construction A Spawn point gives the option to relocate in the world. A Spawn point can be set as the primary and then be the place to respawn when dying. Spawn points can be named. Spawn points are part of the starter kit.

Cost of Spawn Point:

Natural ressources Materials Manufactured Blocks
8 Rock 1
32 Sand
8 Limestone
4 Water
4 Copper Ore
4 Iron Ore
4 Mudstone
8 Coal
4 Copper Bar
4 Gravel
4 Steel Bar
4 Cement
4 Carborundum
4 Glass

Sub Components

4 Iron Bar
16 Silicon
8 Carbon
8 Chalk
4 Distilled Water
4 Clay
4 Spawn Point Block

captation Spawn Point