Uranium Reactor

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The Uranium Reactor is biggest power producing unit in BAW. It is powered with Uranium Rods and must have a few Control Rods aswell.

To make a working Uranium Reactor you need the following:

Quick Tips!

The Pipes with Water coming in, has to enter the Uranium Reactor 1 block over the Uranium Rods.

The Pipe with Steam out, has to be placed in the top of the Uranium Reactor and into the Steam Turbine engine at the end with the "arrow up" sign which is the opposite end of where the power connector is.

The Uranium Reactor must be without any leaks. Any holes over the Waterline will prevent the system to work properly.

The active Power grid are required for the Pumps to work and for the Uranium Reactor to start producing power.

It's possible to make a Uranium Reactor with fewer Uranium Rods than 8, but it will be unstable.

See a demo of it's functions:

See a demo of the a prebuildt Nuclear Powerplant that big cities spawn with: