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Windows is a group of Manufactured Blocks shown in the factory. They are rotated and when placed next each other they auto adjust.

List of Windows

Safety Glass
Ship Window - iron and glass
Window 1 -birch wood and glass-
Window 1 Auto Adjust
Window 1 Top
Window 2
Window 2 Auto Adjust
Window 2 Top
Window 5 Bottom Left
Window 5 Bottom Right
Window 5 Top Left
Window 5 Top Right
Window 6 Bottom Left
Window 6 Bottom Right
Window 6 Top Left
Window 6 Top Right
Window 7A - steel and glass
Window 7B
Window 7C
Window 8A
Window 8B
Window 9 Bottom Left
Window 9 Bottom Right
Window 9 Top Left
Window 9 Top Right
Window Glass